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Cthulhu necklace,Nyarlathotep Cultist Pendant

Cthulhu necklace,Nyarlathotep Cultist Pendant

Cthulhu necklace, Nyarlathotep Cultist Pendant



My personal design of Cthulhu mythos Nyarlathotep Cultist Pendant is a fictional cosmic entity created by H. P. Lovecraft  mythos.
These sculptures are hand sculpted traditional with Monster Clay
 molded and casted by me in high quality resin.


  • Sculpted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Molded and casted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Height: 7,5cm ( 2,9  inches )
    Width: 3  cm ( 1,1 inches )
    Depth: 1,5 cm ( 0,5 inches )
  • It comes in 1 part
  • Available in 3 different versions Gold , Silver and bronze patina ver.
  • Sculpted traditional.



Available in high quality Polyurethene resin .

Pressure cast in Polyurethene resin

All products are made to order. Processing time is about 7 to 14 working days

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking code to anywhere in the world.

    25,00 €Price
    Color versions
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