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Cthulhu scull bust Gold edition

Cthulhu scull bust Gold edition

Cthulhu Scull Bust Gold edition.


My personal design of Cthulhu Bust Gold ver is a fictional cosmic entity created by H. P. Lovecraft  mythos world.
Cthulhu  Skull Bust in a mesmerizing Gold finish.
This Cthulhu Skull Bust stands at a height of 8,3  inches  making it the perfect size to display on your desk, bookshelf, or as a centerpiece in your collection.
 Its compact nature allows for easy placement and complements any Lovecraftian-themed decor or exhibition.

Unleash the power of the ancient ones and bring a touch of Lovecraftian horror into your life with this Cthulhu Skull Bust Gold ver. Order yours today and let the madness take hold!

🎁 Perfect Gift: Surprise a devoted Lovecraft fan or treat yourself to a unique and captivating collectible. 
These figures come elegantly packaged, ready to be gifted to someone who appreciates the enigmatic allure of H.P. Lovecraft's creations.


  • Sculpted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Height: 21cm (8.3inches)
  • Available in Gold painted version
  • Solid resin


Available in high quality Polyurethene resin 

Pressure cast in Polyurethene resin

All products are made to order. Processing time is about 3 to 7 working days

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking code to anywhere in the world.

    185,00 €Price
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