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Elder Thing mini idol

Elder Thing mini idol

Elder Thing mini idol 
 H.P.Lovecraft minis collectible figures


My personal design of Elder Thing Mini Idol - Bronze Painted Version, a captivating addition to your H.P. Lovecraft minis collectible figures! 
Inspired by the mysterious and otherworldly creatures from Lovecraft's imaginative universe,
 this handcrafted idol is a must-have for fans of cosmic horror and ancient mythos.
The bronze painted finish adds an air of antiquity to the idol, as if it were excavated from an ancient civilization lost in time. 
The carefully applied patina enhances the intricate engravings and intricate textures, giving the idol a weathered and ancient look that is sure to draw attention.
Whether you're an avid collector, a Lovecraft enthusiast, or a fan of the macabre, this Elder Thing Mini Idol will add an eerie charm to your space. 
Display it alongside your favorite Lovecraft books, gaming setups, or curiosities, and let it transport you to the eldritch realms of cosmic horror.

Embrace the mystique of Lovecraftian lore and bring the enigmatic world of the Elder Things into your own home with this captivating mini idol. 
Don't miss your chance to own a piece of ancient and unnameable power. Order now and let the unfathomable horrors of the cosmos cast their spell upon you.

🎁 Perfect Gift: Surprise a devoted Lovecraft fan or treat yourself to a unique and captivating collectible. 
These figures come elegantly packaged, ready to be gifted to someone who appreciates the enigmatic allure of H.P. Lovecraft's creations.


  • Sculpted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Molded and casted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Height: 8,1 cm ( 3,2  inches )
    Width: 6,3 cm ( 2,4  inches )
    Depth: 6 cm ( 2,3  inches )
  • It comes in 1 part
  • Available in high quality solid resin.
  • Available in 4 different versions grey Silver and bronze patina ver, Bone painted ver
  • Sculpted traditional.
  • it comes signed by George Tsougkouzidis


Available in high quality Polyurethene resin .

Pressure cast in Polyurethene resin

All products are made to order. Processing time is about 3 to 7 working days

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking code to anywhere in the world.

    45,00 €Price
    Color versions
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