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Oceanic Cthulhu Mini Idol v1

Oceanic Cthulhu Mini Idol v1

Oceanic Cthulhu Mini Idol v1 

H.P.Lovecraft minis collectible figures


🌊 Dive into the depths of the unknown with our meticulously crafted Oceanic Cthulhu Mini Idol, a stunning and enigmatic work of art that captures the essence of Lovecraftian cosmic horror. 
Handcrafted with precision and imbued with an eerie mystique, this mini idol is perfect for collectors of the strange and the macabre.
🦑 Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's iconic creation, Cthulhu, this mini idol brings a touch of eldritch horror to your home or office decor. 
Its intricate design features tentacles swirling in the abyss, evoking a sense of cosmic dread and awe-inspiring terror. Each detail is carefully sculpted to honor the original mythos while adding a unique oceanic twist.

🎁 Looking for a unique gift for a fellow Lovecraftian aficionado or a collector of the strange and unusual? This mini idol is a perfect choice that's sure to spark curiosity and fascination.
🌊 Dive into the world of cosmic horror and add an air of mystery to your surroundings with the Oceanic Cthulhu Mini Idol. Order yours today and embrace the darkness that lies beyond the stars.


These sculptures are hand sculpted traditional with Monster Clay
 molded and casted by me in high quality resin.


Monster Clay molded and casted by me in high quality resin.
Packaging: Securely packaged for safe delivery


  • Sculpted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Molded and casted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Height: 6.5 cm ( 2,5  inches )
    Width: 4 cm ( 1.6 inches )
    Depth: 4 cm ( 1.6 inches )
  • It comes in 1 part
  • Available in high quality solid resin.
  • Available in 3 different versions Grey . Bronze patina ver & Silver ver ,Bone painted ver
  • Sculpted traditional.
  • it comes signed by George Tsougkouzidis


Available in high quality Polyurethene resin .

Pressure cast in Polyurethene resin

All products are made to order. Processing time is about 3 to 5 working days

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking code to anywhere in the world.

    50,00 €Price
    Color versions
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