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Oceanic Deep One Cthulhu Mini Idol

Oceanic Deep One Cthulhu Mini Idol

Oceanic Deep One Cthulhu Mini Idol .

H.P.Lovecraft mythos .


DESCRIPTION:My personal design of Oceanic Deep One Cthulhu Mini Idol - a hauntingly exquisite representation of the ancient and enigmatic Deep Ones from the mysterious depths of the ocean. 🌊 Mysterious Aura: Add a touch of eldritch charm to your space with this mini idol. Whether displayed on your shelf, desk, or as part of your collection, it exudes an air of mystique that draws the eye and beckons the curious to explore the unknown.

🎁 Unique Gift: Searching for a one-of-a-kind gift that defies convention? Surprise your fellow horror aficionados, gamers, or anyone drawn to the mystique of the unknown with this Deep One idol. It's a gift that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.Bring a touch of eldritch elegance into your space with the Oceanic Nightmare: Deep One Cthulhu Mini Idol.

Embrace the terror of the deep and the allure of the arcane as you invite this captivating idol into your realm.

Embrace the enigma – but beware the lurking shadows it might awaken.These sculptures are hand sculpted traditional with Monster Clay molded and casted by me in high quality resin.
Packaging: Securely packaged for safe delivery


  • Sculpted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Molded and casted by George Tsougkouzidis
  • Height: 5 cm ( 1.9  inches )
    Width: 3 cm ( 1.1 inches )
    Depth: 2.5 cm ( 0.9 inches )
  • It comes in 1 part
  • Available in high quality solid resin.
  • Available in 3 different versions Grey . Bronze patina ver & Silver ver
  • Sculpted traditional.
  • it comes signed by George Tsougkouzidis


Available in high quality Polyurethene resin .

Pressure cast in Polyurethene resin

All products are made to order. Processing time is about 3 to 5 working days

NOTE: All prices include international shipping with tracking code to anywhere in the world.

    35,00 €Price
    Color versions
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